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COSLA’s Open Enrollment period begins in the Spring of each year. Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. If we receive more applications than available placements, an enrollment lottery must be conducted in compliance with the Tennessee Public Charter Law. TCA 49-13-113.

If a lottery is necessary, the following guidelines apply:
1. The lottery will be public and open to all eligible applicants. It will not rely on computers and will be easily understood and followed by observers.
2. The lottery will be conducted by a designated person who is unaffiliated with Circles of Success, and who has no relative applying.
3. Only applications that have been deemed eligible and received by the close of the lottery deadline date will be eligible to participate in the lottery.
4. All eligible applications received after the deadline will not receive lottery numbers.
5. If applicable, COSLA’s enrollment lottery for the determined school year will be held on a date that is publicly made known.
6. Eligible applicants will receive notification, in writing, with their lottery ID number. Along with the number will be the date, time, and place of the lottery.
7. Lottery ID numbers are non-transferable.
8. On the day of the lottery, the Lottery Designee will check to assure that all eligible applicants’ lottery numbers are on a lottery device (i.e. small ball, object, paper).
9. All eligible applicants are verified for preference prior to generating lottery labels (i.e. All siblings are properly linked and verified, & etc.).
10. Preferences shall be announced at the lottery (i.e. the child of an employee).
11. All objects with the lottery ID numbers will be placed in a container.
12. Only the Lottery Designee will draw ID-numbered objects from the lottery container.
13. The lottery will be recorded in the order in which the students are drawn by writing the selection number on a numbered board as they are drawn. For ease of recording, once selected, the numbers are recorded by grade level as indicated on the label.
14. At the conclusion of the drawing, linked preferences will be processed to establish the admission order allowing for sibling preference.
15. When a linked ball is drawn, both numbers (sisters, twins) are recorded on the appropriate board. The other linked ball will be disregarded when pulled by verifying that their number has already been recorded.
16. For verification purposes, the board will be photographed after all numbers have been exhausted.
17. The board will be re-photographed after all linked preferences have been adjusted accordingly (not to exceed 10% or 24 seats of our total enrollment).
18. The school administrator will generate offers of registration that will be mailed the day following the lottery.
19. The remaining students are assigned to the waiting list by grade in the order that their lottery number was chosen.

The remaining students are assigned to the waiting list by grade in the order that their lottery number was chosen.
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