Parental Support (PTAB)

COSLA has an active Parent Teacher Advisory Board (PTAB). Parents must spend twenty hours (20hrs) in voluntary service at the school. Parental support and involvement are major components of COSLA and the NCLB (No Child Left Behind Act). Parental involvement is a collaborative effort between the home and school resulting in preparing parents to be knowledgeable of the skills and information needed to help their children be successful students in school.

Regular parent meetings are held and well attended. Records of parents volunteering, visiting, and attending conferences are maintained by the Family Resource Manager. The Parent Involvement Program at COSLA is a second to none! Each class has a network of parents that work diligently to reach their developed goals for each individual class.


Parents can get current information about their child's studies, communicate with teachers, and motivate students to higher performance.

For a parent to gain access to TeacherEase, their account must be setup by the school secretary or a school administrator. The parent must have a valid email address to access TeacherEase. (The same email address can be added to more than one student.) Once the school has entered the email address (user name) into TeacherEase, TeacherEase will send a “welcome” email with login and password information to the parent. Once the parent has reviewed this email, they should be able to login.


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COSLA is working harder than ever to ensure that our scholars receive intensive academic interventions and extended learning opportunities.